About Us

Derin Adaptive Clothing is a start-up company founded and run by three women. Demet is the mother of a beautiful girl with special needs. Elif is a business professor and strives to use her knowledge to create social impact through entrepreneurship. Leyla is an architect (MSc) with a passion for functional design.  

We founded our company to provide safe, comfortable, and fun clothing for kids with special needs at affordable prices. Demet's daughter is the inspiration for our first product line - bodysuits with abdominal access. Perfect for kids who are tube-fed and diapered.  

Here is our story told by Demet:

"Hello, I am Demet and I am the mother of a child with special needs. My baby girl, Derin, was diagnosed with the Angelman Syndrome just before we celebrated her first birthday. She is now five years old and still needs a lot of medical attention. Yet, she is able to attend a wonderful school for special kids during the day and light up my world with her smile.

Due to her medical challenges, Derin is not able to get adequate nutrition by mouth and uses a G-tube that delivers nutrition directly to her stomach. She is also incontinent and needs to be diapered. As you can imagine, typical children’s wear is not designed for G-tubes or diapers. That is why one of the most difficult aspects of this journey with my daughter has been trying to find safe clothes for her that will ensure that her G-tube and diaper stay in place. I would buy clothes from a children’s store and cut them at different places to adapt to Derin's needs.

I know from first-hand experience that dressing up kids with special needs is very challenging. Elif, Leyla and I joined our hearts and minds to build a clothing line specialized in producing safe, comfortable, fun and affordable clothes for children with special needs. Our goal is to provide garments that are designed to lessen the daily burden of caregivers of children with special needs, and to help kids to bring out their unique personalities with our fun designs.”


Any questions and/or requests? Please feel free to write to us at: 

Elif Sisli Ciamarra & Leyla Toprak Gursu & Demet Dulkara